Monday, November 29, 2010

I need to start drinking...

coffee that is. It is weeks like this one that I need an extra boost to keep going.

Today, I took Jonathan to the urologist. During our visit it was confirmed that Jonathan does indeed have a hernia, but there is also another condition with his "boy parts" that is correctable but will need surgery. The urologist can do the surgery for the hernia, but not for this other issue. So next Thursday, we have an appointment to see a Pediatric Surgeon so she can confirm that he does also need to have this other issue corrected. The goal is that the 2 surgeons will coordinate so that both surgeries can be done at the same time.

Tomorrow, all 5 kids have routine dental appointments. It will be Jonathan's first time to the dentist. I can already anticipate the conversation with the receptionist- yes, we homeschool, yes, all 5 are mine, yes, we adopted Jonathan, no, I am not a saint, yes, some days I go crazy- every 6 months we go through this same conversation. I think we are the only family with 5 kids that sees our dentist.

On Wednesday, Jonathan and I head down to Shriner's for what I believe is a routine 6 month check-up. Although, when we went for our last "routine" check-up that was when they surprised us with the prosthetic fitting.

I think on Thursday I will take a nap. Mom-mom will also have earned a nap as she watched the kiddos today and will also be homeschooling the children left behind while I am at Shriner's on Wednesday.

In all this business, I am thankful that none of these appointments is for a life threatening condition. All of these situations are manageable and 2 out of the 3 appointments this week are preventive appointments. Isn't it wonderful to live in a country where we have dental care, where we have hospitals like Shriner's that provide quality care and want to see my boy live his life to its fullest. Yes, he needs surgery, but it is routine surgery to correct problems that in other countries would go untreated. Yes, all of these appointments may keep me hopping, but I need to remember to not take any of them for granted.

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