Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Memories...

On Thursday night we all piled in the van and headed out to see the beautiful Christmas lights! The kids had a great time rating each of the displays we saw.

There are 2 houses we especially enjoy seeing. This one just has a million lights and so much to see. Jonathan did not want to leave. There is a 2nd house around the corner, which is quite unique. It has a light display that is set to music. So you put your car radio on the designated channel and sit back and watch the lights "dance" to the music. We easily sat there for at least 10 minutes watching and listening to the lights. I tried to get pictures of that house but they all came out too dark.

After driving around for awhile, Jeremy treated us to a Sonic ice cream treat. The kids enjoyed eating their treats in the van.

Normally we would have spent today driving up to the mountains with family and cutting down our Christmas tree, but we have started what I hope is not a new tradition. Jeremy started our week off by being sick, then Jonathan had a less then 12 hour fever, then Jordan had a fever for about 12 hours, then yesterday afternoon Amanda started. Only problem, her fever is lasting longer and she also has a sore throat and ear ache. (last year, Amanda had pneumonia for tree day) Amanda is typically not sick. It just seems like her body doesn't like tree day. We opted to all stay home and Jeremy and the boys went and got our tree locally. We then spent the evening decorating it.

I love this picture of Ben!

As we were finishing decorating the tree, I'm not sure how it happened, but all of the kids started playing Away in the Manager together on their respective instruments. Tyler-trumpet, Jordan-piano, Amanda-violin, Ben-drums, and Jonathan-flute. It was one of those moments that if we had tried to initiate it would have been a disaster, but when left to their own devices they provided us with a very nice concert.

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